Saltzer Medical Clinic

Project Information

Nampa, Idaho
Saltzer Medical Group
39,146 s.f.

Saltzer Medical Clinic

The Dermatology and Specialty Clinic is divided into pods of treatment space and large nursing areas. The dermatology clinic rooms are located on the exterior of the second floor allowing physicians and care givers the benefit of natural daylighting from the large windows. Special UV therapy rooms as well as lab space are provided within the clinic.

The Rehabilitation and Orthopedic Clinic is a large, open rehabilitation space flanked by windows to the exterior and a glass wall separating the waiting room. At the center of the space is the rehabilitation pool. A state of the art custom fabricated enclosure suspended above the floor below. The room is enclosed with glass to limit chemical odors, but otherwise blend into the larger space.

The common lobby provides an open central waiting area on the second floor. Large windows and an open seating pattern are designed to allow patients and family to wait in comfort. The open plan is accented by cloud-scaped ceiling accents, creating patterns and interest, while passively reducing ambient noise within the space.