St. Lukes Idaho Cardiology Associates

Project Information

Meridian, Idaho
St. Lukes Health System

St. Lukes Idaho Cardiology Associates

LCA was commissioned to provide interior design, furnishings, equipment, and signage services for the Idaho Cardiology Clinic located at Meadowlake Village in Meridian, Idaho. The 15,000 square foot flagship clinic is the largest cardiology clinic in the Treasure Valley, composed of 24 identical exam rooms as well as pacer rooms, ACC clinic, and a nuclear medicine suite.

Carpet patterns delineate and mark entry points to rooms and spaces, again reinforcing the location and easy identification.

The energized color scheme was intended to reinforce themes of movement and vitality for patients. Artwork and plantscaping were selected along themes of heart healthy activity and an active lifestyle. Seating options were varied to suit the diverse patient population, all with hygienic yet bold fabrics.