Boise Fire Station No. 17

Project Information

Boise, Idaho
Whitney Fire District (Former Owner)
Boise Fire Department (Current Owner)
15,000 s.f.

Boise Fire Station No. 17

The Boise Fire Station No. 17 is a 15,000 SF building on South Cole Road that was originally commissioned by the Whitney Fire District and afterwards annexed into the Boise Fire Departments’ jurisdiction in 2010. The building program includes a public lobby and business office, twelve individual bedrooms, a fitness room, a residential kitchen, a day room, and a three bay rig room.

Special attention was paid to separating the different uses for both acoustics and privacy, while maintaining a cohesive and simple design that provides quick and direct access to the apparatus bays.

The building sits at the entry to a park site that is surrounded by neighborhoods. Because of this, the exterior design challenge was to create a building with the appropriate massing and character to harmonize with the existing residential context. Building materials include fiber cement siding, cultured stone and a metal standing seam roof. All of these materials add to the character and longevity of the building while creating a contextual and functional fire station.