Borah High School Auditorium

Project Information

Boise, Idaho
1st Independent School District of Boise City
21,586 sf
American Institute of Architects Award of Citation in Architecture

Borah High School Auditorium

LCA Architects’ intent in the design of the Borah High School Auditorium was to allow the new facility to express itself to the community as a public building dedicated to the teaching and display of performing arts.

Borah’s site layout is similar to many universities in that it is based on a campus concept of free-standing buildings. The new Borah Auditorium, we designed a building design which harmoniously blends with the campus through the use of materials and finishes of the adjacent buildings. This facility broke the mold of the existing buildings by the shape of the curvilinear roof which created an identity more appropriate to its civic purpose.

The Auditorium accommodates 940 seats and a full stage with flyloft. Ancillary functions to the auditorium are a green room, scenic shop, classroom, and band room. The public side of the facility includes a large lobby, concessions room, and restrooms. The building was designed around a program that was inclusive of all forms of the performing arts including drama, musicals, orchestra, and choir performances.