BSU Alumni & Friends Center


Project Information

Boise, Idaho
Boise State University
Alumni Association
40,000 s.f.

Boise State University Alumni & Friends Center

As Boise State University continues to expand, so does its growing list of alumni, facilitating the need for a new alumni association building. The association is currently squeezed into a small one-story building on University Boulevard across from Albertsons Stadium. This existing facility is to be demolished, and the new facility built in its place, adjacent to the neighborhoods homes and Boise State’s Environmental Research Building.
Designed to complement existing campus architecture of brick, sandstone and precast concrete, this new facility houses a ballroom for large meetings or gatherings, smaller conference rooms for more intimate events and smaller gatherings, and a living room filled with comfortable furniture and fireplace. Showcasing Boise State’s history and traditions, this new facility will be a place for past alumni and friends to “come home” to remember some of the best times of their life and share memories and treasures. It will host reunions, graduations, pre-and-post game festivities, and other special events while encouraging the rekindling of lifelong friendships, igniting school spirit and creating future memories.

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