Deschutes County Juvenile Justice Facility

Project Information

Bend, Oregon
Deschutes County, Oregon
51,700 sf

Deschutes County Juvenile Justice Facility

Faced with inadequate facilities for adult and juvenile corrections and in an effort to consolidate and centralize services, Deschutes County with LCA Architects sought to develop a single master planned site that would include a 65-bed juvenile justice center, an adult community corrections building for parole and probation officers, an 80-bed Adult Work Center along with a new sheriff’s office building on a site adjacent to the existing 210-bed county jail.

The 51,700 s.f. juvenile facility was designed to provide secure direct supervision housing for 65 juveniles in four 14-bed housing pods directly linked to educational and indoor recreation spaces in an institutional environment that is conducive to achieving positive results through programs with juvenile offenders.

Detainees enter the building through a drive-in sallyport that connects to intake processing and medical examination areas. A central control room provides security and there are both contact and non-contact sections in the visiting area. The building also contains a family services courtroom, an alternative school, and a 14-bed staff secure housing area along with administrative, and parole and probation offices for juveniles.