Idaho Central Credit Union Data Center

Project Information

Chubbuck, Idaho
Idaho Central Credit Union
Fall of 2018
76,000 s.f.

Idaho Central Credit Union Data Center

LCA has been honored to have a long-standing relationship with Idaho Central Credit Union which serves 1 out of 6 Idahoans and is the largest Credit Union in the state. As ICCU’s corporate architect since 2002, LCA was tasked with designing the new 76,000 square foot, two-story Data Center Building, located on their corporate campus in Chubbuck, Idaho.

The state of the art facility will operate in an essential capacity supporting the daily operations for ICCU branches and member services throughout the state. The building is required to maintain full operation without any prolonged disruption in service, requiring redundant electrical and mechanical system, with the entire facility capable of operating for an extended period of time from the backup generator plant.

The vernacular of the building ties into the corporate architecture established by the recently completed two-story facilities and vehicle maintenance building and the four-story headquarters building completed in 2006.

The first floor of the Data Center houses 36,000 s.f. of Information Technology staff, 10,000 s.f. of secure server room space and additional building support space.  The second floor supports 36,000 s.f. of call center space.  The building provides amenities such as large meeting areas, breakout spaces, training areas, fitness center, game rooms and a virtual learning center.

The Data Center Building provides large expanses of glazing which allows for natural light and views of the campus plaza to be completed in 2018, the campus will consist of water features reflecting the natural features throughout the southern Idaho region, walking paths, volleyball courts, putting greens, and a 1,200 s.f. pavilion building to support corporate events.