Idaho State Office Tower

Project Information

Boise, Idaho
State of Idaho Division of Public Works
170,000 s.f.

Idaho State Office Tower

Developed for the Department of Health and Welfare, the ten story office building was planned to incorporate a second identical tower providing a long term construction savings by sharing a single core area. The building was designed to make efficient use of the sun both in direct heating and by providing brick screening panels as part of the building’s structural system to reduce unwanted heat gain in the summer months.

Because it was a phased project, the State Office Tower presented a need to develop a unique design solution. LCA developed a flexible building which offered many efficiencies by using core elements (elevators and toilet facilities) in a non-traditional way and yet saving money. When the second phase is built, there will be no need to duplicate the core as elevator tower and stair towers are on the exterior.

Design of the first phase involved understanding what would be involved in the design of the second phase so that we would not “build ourself into a trap”.

LCA conducted an extensive solar study for this building and devised a system of solar screening panels that are part of the buildings structural system. By combining all the energy saving features incorporated by both the architecture and the electrical/mechanical systems, the total energy savings over a typical office building are 30 to 50%