Ontario High School Science Wing Addition

Project Information

Ontario, Oregon
Ontario School District
16,250 sf.

Ontario High School Science Wing Addition

For Ontario High School, LCA was retained to design a science classroom addition equipped to enable the District’s teachers to elevate their program and curriculum to the highest standard. The program called for five combination lab/classroom spaces, associated prep/storage areas, teacher collaboration space, and additional lab/classroom space for future ‘Project Lead The Way’ classes, a federally subsidized program requiring additional classroom spaces.

Project planning began with a combination of site visits, case studies, site analysis and future projections of the growth and additional improvements anticipated for the High School. After an extensive review of the site studies, it was agreed that the science classroom addition should be designed as an additional wing to the south, connected to the existing building. This siting grants the new structure a prominent location on campus which helps to exhibit the fruits of the bond’s passage directly to the public.
    “The construction of our new building is now complete and the results have exceeded everyone’s expectations, including my own. It is not a stretch to say that our community has been transformed. The buildings are beautiful and were built under budget. Teachers, students, parents and even the most skeptical community members have nothing but praise for the new facilities.”

-Ben Peterson, Ontario School District Facilities Task Force