Saint Alphonsus Garrity Clinic

Project Information

 Nampa, Idaho
 Saint Alphonsus Health System
 16,000 s.f.

Saint Alphonsus Garrity Clinic

LCA Architects was charged with the design and implementation of a new generation of medical clinics for Saint Alphonsus Health System and Saint Alphonsus Medical Group.

The new facilities were tasked with four specific goals:

  1. Provide convenient and readily available access to healthcare in within the community.
  2. Improve the patient experience from entrance to exit.
  3. Improve staff communications and efficiency through flow modeling (LEAN approach).
  4. Create an iconic facility which reinforces the brand identity of Saint Alphonsus Medical Group. The new facilities were to create an identifiable brand which blended into the fabric of the community but stood apart as a recognizably distinct.

The fourth medical facility in this new generation of clinics is located at the intersection of Garrity Road and Sister Catherine Way.  The new family medicine and urgent care clinic is intended to meet the needs of Nampa’s expanding communities with convenient access to the state of the art healthcare services of the adjacent Saint Alphonsus Nampa Hospital.  At 16,000 square feet, the clinic is the larges to be constructed in the new series of clinics.