St. Lukes Nampa Ventana Family Medicine

Project Information

Nampa, Idaho
St. Lukes Health System
8,831 s.f.

St. Lukes Nampa Ventana Medical Plaza | 3rd Floor Family Medicine

LCA was commissioned to develop a materials pallet and scheme that could hold true to the Nampa MOB trademark, which would also become a timeless template carried through to future third floor spaces.
Upon exiting the elevator, patients and staff are welcomed into striking community gathering space, filled with stunning views and ample daylighting. The check-in/out desk for five users allows for quick consultation and patient privacy. These flexible waiting spaces lends itself to customary patient waiting compilation of Family Medicine, Obstetrics & Gynecology, Psychiatric Wellness, Cardiology and a Diabetes Wellness. Upon entering the clinic proper, users experience a nature-inspired space that is both playful and classy. Through the use of patterned floor coverings, agriculturally inspired photography and lush accents imparts itself to immense array of patient demographics.