St. Lukes Nampa Ventana Boardroom

Project Information

 Nampa, Idaho
 St. Lukes Health System
500 s.f

St. Lukes Nampa Ventana Medical Plaza | 3rd Floor Stampede Board Room

Being set in Nampa, this sites conference rooms have suitably been named after some of Canyon County’s iconic industries or land marks. Such as ‘Sugar Beet’ for the agricultural rich sugar beets grown in the area or the sugar beet factory’s sweet, warm fragrance of the immediate region. Likewise the Nampa Site Administrator suitably named this conference room ‘Stampede’ for the Idaho Stampede’s long history and support in the community.
This conference space was recently completed within the third floor Family Medicine Clinic in December of 2015. The purpose of its new role is to serve as the board room for the new St. Luke’s Nampa Hospital, which holds both executive and community outreach meetings. A soothing walnut wood wall covering was added to invite users into the space and lessen the standard sterile conference room environment. Contrasting cherry wood conference tables, chairs and updated AV equipment were added to better aid in the rooms conferencing functions.
As the acting Site Administrator wished to reflect the rooms name, LCA was contracted to work directly with the Idaho Stampede to aid in the selection of art that would not only compliment the finishes and St. Luke’s Nampa’s character but more importantly, allow users of the space to have a personal connection to each piece of art and the history of the Stampede. The final commissioned three-piece prints are vivid and colorful depictions of Dean Oliver calf roping, Harry Charters bull riding and Shawn Davis saddle bronc riding (all World Champions from Idaho) at the Stampede by artist Ralph Harris of Ketchum, Idaho. Additional prints consist of Program Covers from 1950, 1997, 1998, and 1999. Each depicting a different time in the Stampedes long history and the brilliant color renditions compliment the space.