Timberline High School

Project Information

Boise, ID
Independent School Districts of Boise
136,976 s.f. Original
51,340 s.f. High School Addition

Timberline High School

Timberline High School was the original Les Bois junior High School designed by LCA in 1992. Les Bois was Boise’s first new secondary school in 26 years and was constructed on a 37 acre site in Southeast Boise. Designed to accommodate 900 students, it includes an administrative area, 40 classrooms, a media center, computer rooms, music facilities, a cafeteria, and a gymnasium.

The program for the conversion of Les Bois into Timberline High School was three fold: add a 2,400 seat performance gymnasium, a 900 seat auditorium, and an outdoor track and field complex – all to be constructed while school was in session.

The auditorium is a 12,000 square foot , 900 seat multi-use facility with a full fly loft and an orchestra pit. The facility was designed to accommodate a large variety of functions including music, choir, orchestra, plays, and dance by incorporating a fly loft with rigging and a portable orchastra shell. The orchestra pit is fully recessed and is accessible from the house, as well as from an underground ramp from the green rooms. Auxiliary spaces include a scene and prop room, storage spaces, control booth, green rooms, restrooms, and an underground ramped passage way to the orchestra pit. Professio0nal sound and lighting were incorporated to enhance the acoustics of the auditorium. Special attention was given to the acoustics to accommodate the diverse use of the facility.