West Valley Medical Center Lobby Remodel

Project Information

Caldwell, Idaho
West Valley Medical Center
2,000 s.f.

West Valley Medical Center Lobby Remodel

The West Valley Medical Center was constructed in the 1970’s. Over the years, the psychology behind the design of these facilities has changed to incorporate the well tested logic that a patient or visitors’ emotional state is influenced the moment they arrive. With this in mind, the administration realized the lobby was lacking a sense of ‘welcoming’.

The existing space was not much more than a widened hallway with a cart for coffee and a folding table along the wall for an information desk. Our first goal was to give the lobby a sense of ‘place’, allowing the public to have immediate human interaction. To accomplish this, the information area was moved forward to make in immediately accessible. The entire lobby was widened to allow for ample access to each side of the subtle curve of the cabinetry. The upgraded ceramic tile flooring responds to the built-in features providing a subtle way-finding element, directing patrons to the gift shop, cafeteria, subwaiting, coffee bar, billing or to general hospital facilities.

With this need for a focal point, a new alternative ceiling layout was designed to provide illumination to once again bring the attention to the central hub, with general indirect illumination for the other functions radiating off of the lobby. All of these features now work in harmony with each other to provide a sense of focus as well as providing an environment to facilitate the emotional and physical healing process.